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Christmas Ball of the Kiev Cigar Club, 110th anniversary

Traditionally, on the New Year's Eve a Christmas ball is held under the patronage of the President of the Kiev Cigar Club. 110th anniversary Christmas Ball will take place at the Premier Palace Hotel on December,16th 2017. The events of the Club have fame of some of the most exquisite and significant events in the secular life of Kiev. The guests of the event are businessmen, politicians, diplomats and artists. Besides of performances by members of the Kiev Cigar Club, musicians, banquet and lottery, all guests will have the opportunity to communicate with partners and their representatives. Musical, dance and costume performances are also in the program of the Ball. The Host of the Event: Dmitry Chekalkin. Beginning of the program: 6 p.m. Contacts for the tickets purchase: +38(063)663-76-07, info@cigarclub.com.ua.

Address of Kiev Cigar Club:

52A Sichovyh Striltsiv street, Kiev, Ukraine,
+38 (063) 663 76 07 info@cigarclub.com.ua